Our Products

At Hicks Roofing we believe it is our duty and obligation to know the benefits and liabilities of all the products available in our industry, and to understand the needs and priorities of our customers so that we can recommend the right system for your particular situation. 

Our 60 plus years of successful operation have garnered us the finest roof systems available, manufactured by companies that believe quality is not something you measure in black ink, but in years of service. Several of the products we install are available to a very select few roofing contractors that have proven their long term commitment to quality and education. Others are simply commodity products designed to meet the short term financial needs of a customer with budget limitations. Every product has its place, and no roof system is designed to meet every environment, construction condition and owner priority. 

Product names often look like they were plucked from a bowl of vegetable soup. PVC, EPDM, TPO, CPA, CPE, CSPE, BUR, KEE, PIB, ISO, are just some of the common abbreviations used by the industry today. Some of these monikers mean something, and some such as TPO and CPA are simply designed to hide the real chemical configuration of cheap and/or alterable products. You may need a roof product that withstands chemical residue, is resistant to heavy traffic or forgiveness of building movement. Perhaps an interior process requires a solvent free application due to food production, while another must withstand waste by-products of a caustic nature. It’s our job to know the right product for you, and we will strive to provide several options that meet your desires and budget requirements. 

Some of the products we are proud to represent include: