Our History


 Four Generations Strong

There was a time when craftsmanship was expected in our construction projects, when buildings were expected to last for centuries, and companies took pride in the product they produced. Somewhere along the 20th century we replaced those expectations with a disposable mentality that has carried over to our construction projects. Contractors seem more concerned with what they can get away with when no one is watching than in being able to drive past a building decades later and proudly point the building out to their children or grandchildren. At Hicks Roofing we believe those old values were good values and we strive for that old fashioned craftsmanship. 

In 1947, Frank and Anne Hicks started Hicks Roofing in a small block building with an orange crate as their desk, and commitment to earning the trust of those people that gave Hicks Roofing a chance. Frank’s honesty and integrity became a hallmark and the company began to grow. When Frank became ill one year, his son Dennis left college to run the family roofing company and never looked back. 

It wasn’t long before Dennis’ personable style, hard work and attention to quality and service resulted in the steady growth of the company. Dennis focused on building relationships with customers that valued the “down­home” ethics, honesty and integrity that had been passed down from his father. 

Dennis’ son Mike began working in the field in 1982, learning from the ground up and in 1999 became the third Hicks generation to run Hicks Roofing. Mike is proud to continue the long tradition of Hicks’ dedication to quality, integrity and customer service. 

In an industry where real quality takes decades to prove itself, Hicks has shined across three generations. We don’t cut corners to make more profit and we don’t hire more people than we can train properly. Sometimes our backlog is long but we believe that high quality is more important than maximum production. Our turnover is exceptionally low for the construction industry, averaging under 10% annually. 

Our reputation and long experience have garnered us the very best roof system licenses. Our drug-free workplace status and stringent enforcement of drug-free policies and safety practices have made Hicks Roofing one of the safest construction contractors in the state of Ohio. One insurance company even went so far as to note in an underwriting review “Hicks Roofing appears to be a diamond in an otherwise difficult class of business to underwrite”. We are very proud of the fact that in over 60 years we have never had a claim against our liability insurance for a completed project. 

Let us show you the difference experience makes.