Your roof is the 5th wall of your building. It ties the other four walls together and most likely protects most of the assets represented in your organization. It deserves attention. We recommend inspecting most roof systems twice a year. By performing routine maintenance tasks we will be able to recognize potential problems before they become costly mistakes or threats to your warranty coverage. We tailor each maintenance program to our customers’ individual needs. The cost will be determined by several criteria which include roof size, location, type of system, number of roof penetrations etc. We feel that it is money well spent! 

Routine tasks during maintenance inspections usually include: 

  • Removing debris that has collected on the roof 


  • Cleaning drain systems down to the first elbow


  • Repairing any warranted areas that have failed due to faulty material and workmanship


  • Inspection for physical damage or potential problems associated with roof top equipment or other adjacent building arts not covered under the roof system warranty 


  • Providing a written report of our findings detailing repairs that have been performed and a proposal for any major repair work that might be recommended

We often guarantee our maintenance fee for up to 5 years upon signing of the agreement. Our maintenance agreements are nonetheless cancelable for the calendar year after written notice is received. 

Just give us a call to receive a proposal for an affordable annual maintenance program.